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01.08.2007, 10:49
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here a couple of old test in vray, with an old 1.46 Laughing

http://stor ...

30.03.2007, 19:04
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very beautiful, as all your models! Very Happy

which kind of transformation do you use to make the square holes? i am trying to learn topmod, read and read all the tutorials, but would be nice if you co ...

25.03.2007, 23:15
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any C&C ? Rolling Eyes

25.03.2007, 03:51
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Here I've tried to make some differentsshaders using Vray 1.5

Here my exemples, hope you like it and can give me help to improve it Rolling Eyes

Don't care bout the time, My comp is really crap Laughing


24.03.2007, 16:57
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nice one, it's not so much Wink

also want to thanks you for free scan models, great economy compare to standford univ Cool

24.03.2007, 15:15
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So beatiful stuff right here.

I remember than i discovered this work from the maxwell forum first time ever.

I've just fell on my ass seeing that.

I could not imagine to see a real one, but here ...

24.03.2007, 14:57
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How much polygons on this one ? Rolling Eyes

24.03.2007, 14:55
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This one is fraking awesome Shocked

Great job jotero Wink

anymay, is it possible to download it anywhere ?
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